2019 reading list: 6 months at home

A year in Timor-Leste with not much to do edged me back to my old reading habit. I’ve tried to maintain this pattern now that I’m home.  I read quite a bit for uni – reading for enjoyment and reading for study are disparate activities. I’m trying to read more contemporary fiction, and a less ‘literature’. I’m actively choosing to read more from authors of colour and women.

Kindle vs book

Years ago I fell in love with a piece of technology that changed my reading habits significantly. A kindle. It took a while to not miss the smell and texture of a book.

Northcote community library

I walk past a little box of books near my house. I feed it with books, and I pick a few up that catch my eye. I haven’t bought a new book in a long time as my relationship to possessions no longer includes the desire to amass and own, but to experience and pass on.


Trams, trains, airplanes, I’m reading.




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