Thank you Timor-Leste for many things –

Mister Busa, despite your reputation, you are a good cat. Not a very good cat, but you are still a good cat. Certainly a less shit cat since your cat-nuts were removed.

The extraordinary people who have shared their stories, experiences, energy, and beer. Both expats and locals: understanding other people is a joy, a heart-break, and a fascination. I have a feeling that I will cross paths with some of you again.

Dili is an easy little town to live in: I can walk to work when it’s not too hot or too wet; feast on the most wonderful tomatoes; be adopted by a most excellent cat; walk along the coast to drink a coconut on the beach as the sun goes down; wear Birkenstocks to work; hike the steep hills right outside my door; lots and lots of good things.