To East Timor: three jobs in three countries, one summer

Change is good, yes?


The Vanuatu project was a success, and I enjoyed learning about our close neighbour.


Now I’m home in Melbourne for a few weeks: I’m spending quality time with Mini and Peanut while knocking out a short contract with a previous employer.


I’m stockpiling DEET in preparation for my next trick:


31 January I’ll be on my way to Dili, Timor-Leste to do my thing again.


True to form, I’ve signed a 12-month contract having done no research about the country or organisation I’ll be embedded in. Because that’s how I roll.


Perhaps I should have thought this through:

Screenshot 2018-01-05 08.24.23Screenshot 2018-01-05 08.25.51

The only appropriate reaction to learning one has agreed to spend a year in a climate wholly inappropriate to her porcelain complexion:

So, here we go again…



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