No sleep in Dhaka

View from the window

In bed with the curtain open – Watching the night develop over the slums next door. The mist draws in. Poor air quality gives the lights a lovely, hazy quality.

View from the window
View from the window

The city settles while the residents of the masses of tin shacks crouched around the lake and over the hill are very much awake. While the city is quiet, the noise of the slums is continual – alternating between impassioned speeches or sermons and singing. This is not the best sound quality I have ever heard, but the volume is impressive.

The noise finally stops just before dawn.

The boatmen start moving across the lake as the morning call to prayer peals from all corners of this amazing city.

With inadequate rest, I begin the hour-long commute to the office. All 6 kilometres of it.

The following night, all is quiet and I finally sleep.