I’m safe. I’m home

On of my favourite photos from a few years ago

I left Kathmandu on Friday night and came back to Dhaka.

Whilst I feel exceptionally fortunate to have changed my plans and left Kathmandu, I am acutely aware of the difficulties and pain the locals are facing.

I have a few mates still in Nepal today, and have heard that most of them are ok.

One of my housemates is un-contactable somewhere in the mountains in Sikkim – DFAT is on to it. There have been no reports of deaths in the region, so I’m hoping he is sitting around somewhere in the hills drinking beer with the locals, unaware that people are trying to locate him!

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the relief effort in Nepal – select ‘Nepal Earthquake’ in the box on the right here.


Thank you for so many messages of concern and love. xx

Nikera high camp
Nikera high camp