Bangladesh: Half way

It’s been six months, and I have learnt a lot. This experience helps me see my life in sharper focus, and I am grateful for so many things.

Some of the things that I am particularly grateful for, that I may be missing a bit:

– A forgiving climate where I don’t go through multiple outfits a day and many, many showers.

– Freedom. Freedom to move, to be out at night, to wear what I want, to feel safe, to not be constantly stared at and harassed.

– Sitting outside at Marios Café, drinking beautiful coffee, and admiring the diversity and eccentric fibre of Fitzroy.

– My Dr Martin boots – and all the great times I have had while wearing them, and the ease of wearing western clothing and not the Sub-Continental Uniform for Ladies.

– My people, who have known me forever, who have celebrated my triumphs, supported my feats, and nursed me through illness.

– My sister, ever my champion, who only ever wants good things and happiness for me. And her gentle, charming, inquisitive sons, who just rock. Even when they are hitting each other.

– Wine

– Music

– Colour

– Wine

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