The Sub-Continental Uniform For Ladies

When I arrived in Dhaka, I purchased a few salwar kameez and I gratefully received some appropriate clothes from other Australians who were leaving – I had them altered, and have been living in them ever since. (Thanks Viv).

I have sweated through my clothes to the point of disintegration, so in an effort to keep myself nice, I have had to update my Sub-Continental Uniforms For Ladies.

I am unable to purchase ready-made clothes, as I am by Bengali standards, simply enormous.   The only solution is to have items made to fit.

The process of having sets of The Sub-Continental Uniform For Ladies made is lengthy.

  1. Purchase fabric. On the surface, this would be an enjoyable task. However ‘polyester-cotton blend’ in Bengali is pronounced ‘linen’ and rayon is pronounced as ‘silk’. Everything else is ‘cotton’. And the price quoted is a good 300% higher than a savvy shopper would pay.
  2. Each Sub-Continental Uniform For Ladies requires three different pieces of contrasting fabric.
  3. Unstitched ‘sets’ save the day. Pre-cut, pre-matched fabric. For some reason, most of these unstitched sets include at lease one piece in hot pink. I don’t know why.
  4. Find a good tailor.
  5. Get measured
  6. Collect clothes
  7. Return clothes – as all the neck holes are too small
  8. Collect clothes
  9. Return clothes – neck holes are still too small
  10. Collect clothes

And that’s the ten easy steps to have a wardrobe of lovely Sub-Continental Uniforms For Ladies!