Hungry, Austria, Turkey, Bangladesh: I’m trying to catch up


It’s been such a long time since I’ve written. I feel like I’ve been through a cycle of sorts, and have just settled at the end of some mysterious process.

Where did I leave off? Brussels.

So much has happened since then. I’ll do my best to catch up.


After Brussels came Budapest and a week in a tent at a music festival in Hungry.

It is wonderful to spend time with friends from Melbourne. Particularly Rebecca and Mick who remind me of what I’m missing at home. Actually, it’s more than that. Hanging out with Rebecca and Mick remind me how much I love my friends, and how truly excellent they are.

Then to Vienna.

How magnificent.

And hot.

Vienna turns up the heat to the hottest the city has been in 200 years. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

Slow wanders through the city at night with Miriam, ice cream in hand. This Miriam at home in Vienna is happy and light and relaxed, and seems quite different from the Miriam I know from Dhaka.

M: Why are you still there?

C: I really don’t know.

M: You should just leave.

C: I know.


So yes, a connecting flight missed, and I’m in Istanbul for 24 unexpected hours.

Spend a day back in the old city, drinking cup after cup of tea. Nice little chats, while two kittens attack my sandals under the table.

It’s time. I walk into the gate at the airport. I feel heavy. I don’t want to get on the plane.

But I do it anyway.


The contrast between Dhaka and Europe is immense.

I am whisked away to a regional area for an international meeting. I’m warmly greeted by the senior players.

Straight back on the poney
Straight back on the poney

And then I come back to Dhaka again.

And I feel heaviness.

My wonderful housemates pour me a drink; I’m on the precipice of something.